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August 31, 2005

Hasty Online Dating

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As of yesterday I had 4 new matches on eHarmony. As of today 2 have already closed off communication without having done any communicating. The other two seem to be people who have not signed up for the service, as they have not completed their introductory info yet. So nothing will probably come from any of these matches. Yet it makes me wonder, what people are looking for? Why do they close off communication so quickly?

One closed off communication choosing: I have too much happening in my life at the moment as their reason. See previous entry: Closing Off Communication on eHarmony for what I think about using that reason. The other closed off communication using the reason: Based on statements in their profile, I’m not interested in this match. This is the reason I would use for closing off things this early. But, why close off this early is my question?

I attempt to communicate with pretty much every match I get at eHarmony. I am paying good money in an attempt to find someone who might be compatible for the long-term should there be chemistry. This type of dating site lends itself to fewer possibilities than the big sites like Match.com or Yahoo! Personals. So, why would I instantly limit the possibilities even more without attempting to get to know some of these matches? Why do people close off so quickly? I don’t know. If you do, let me know.

So I decided to look at this a little closer. I looked at the close off with the reason of statements in their profile. In her profile she states that she is looking for someone who is honest, has an easygoing personality, is of strong character and has a good sense of humor. I may be biased but I think if you asked my friends, family, coworkers or even acquaintances that these are qualities that they would say I have. Some might even say that I am too easygoing and joke around too much. Like you can joke around too much. Yet none of these, in my opinion, are qualities that you can evaluate very well with just a picture and a few words of text. Maybe the sense of humor can be judged and she didn’t think what I wrote in response to a couple of questions was funny.

Under things that she is thankful for she put: family, friends and health. This is the exact same thing that I have for that answer. Under leisure activities she states being a ‘golf junkie’. My profile states that golf is one of my favorite activities. These were all things that peaked my interest in possibly getting to know her, yet did nothing for her in wanting to get to know me.

The eHarmony site says we could be compatible. We have a few things in common. She didn’t want to communicate, I would have. Still not sure what people are looking for or at least don’t understand the ways in which they go about trying to find it. I thought the purpose of online dating was to use the power of the Internet to meet people that you otherwise would not have ever probably met. Thus raising your chances of meeting a special someone. The key word above being meet, as of now this doesn’t seem to be so much the case. So the journey continues…

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