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August 28, 2005

You Never Know When Inspiration Will Strike

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I spent the last few days sprucing up the old eHarmony introductory info page. I decided that I needed to change things up a bit. Keep it fresh. Give it a little more personality. So I went through each of the questions and tried to liven my answers up a bit. When I came to the question:

What is the most important quality that you are looking for in another person?

I spent some time thinking about it. After careful consideration and reflection I opened up my word processor and began to write. The following is what I ended up with:

Even though we’ll start out as Perfect Strangers we’ll become Friends first, not Bosom Buddies, and then see what will Blossom. We’ll take it Step by Step and One Day at a Time. Initially being The Odd Couple falling in Love, American Style but then The Honeymooners and ultimately Married… with Children.

The woman at the Head of the Class would have strong Family Ties because I’m a Family Guy. The Facts of Life are that Family Matters. Also, she would have a strong Will & Grace Under Fire to handle life’s little Growing Pains no matter What’s Happening!! Someone who won’t Curb Your Enthusiasm by being The Critic but will keep me inline when I try to Get Smart because we both know Who’s the Boss? Although she’ll know when she’s Too Close for Comfort and will Gimme a Break. A woman who dreams of having a Full House of Cheers, Good Times and Happy Days to live out The Wonder Years would be the right girl for me.

If you’re That Girl then I could be Mad About You.

I went back later and reread it and something struck me. Maybe I should not just be writing about my online dating thoughts and experiences. I should also be writing about TV. So I created my new weblog: TVaholic.com.

Two down and probably more to come, if you’ve read the About Jason page then you know I also like golf. Could the GolfReviewer weblog be far behind? Well for now I think I will stick with the eWooing online dating site and the TVaholic site. Stay tuned as new ideas come to fruition.

At any rate I think my online dating profile info at eHarmony is better. I guess that I could have just answered: I am looking for someone with a sense of humor who likes TV. But, what fun would that have been? Anyways, we’ll see?

If you have been dating online for a while now. Make sure you mix things up. Keep it real, but keep it new and exciting.

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