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June 10, 2006

Some Interesting Online Dating Articles from the Last Few Weeks

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I had been posting a regular Week In Review of online dating articles and related stories that you might find of interest. Yet I got a bit behind and now am in the process of catching up. These articles may have been news or new a few weeks ago when they originally were posted but the information or stories are still relevant. So here are some more online dating articles from the last few weeks that I found to be of interest or that had some good tips. Enjoy!

Pop-Culture has Killed Love
While politically this site is on the other side of the political spectrum from me, this article was pretty good. It talks about how pop culture and superficiality is drowning out the chances of real relationships and love. Also about how as online daters we take all the information posted about some one but only really seem to care about their picture. Quite interesting how this is similar in perspective to the article I posted about previously by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

Web site helps with dating dilemmas
An article about two women from Chicago that started an online dating advice business called econfidant.com. Scroll to the bottom of the article for a few tips to help you in your search. The best being:

A good mate is different from a good date. “If you think of good looks and having a fun time and someone who’s funny, that kind of makes a good date,” says Begelman.

What do you think of those ideas? Would you pay for online help in your dating adventures?

One man’s brave experiment in online dating
A little online dating levity in regards to communicating with matches to take the edge off. Funny how even though they are over the top one or more will still seem very familiar too you.

The joys of Internet dating
An advice columnist answers the following:

I’ve heard so many unpleasant stories about trying to meet someone on the Internet that I’m reluctant to try it. Then there’s the perception that it’s mostly for losers.

And how do you handle meeting someone who totally misrepresents who they are? Suppose you don’t like a person from the first moment you see them?

The advice sounds pretty good to me, what did you think?

Advertising vehicle
Now that is an interesting approach to meeting someone.

Online dating success story
News story from WKYC News. Watch or read the story. Always good to hear about a success story as many more of the stories on the downside of online dating seem to get more airtime or column space.

Single mom faces unique challenges
Are you a single mother looking to get back in the dating game then you might find this article to be of some help.

Have some thoughts on the above online dating articles leave them in the comments.

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2 Responses to “Some Interesting Online Dating Articles from the Last Few Weeks”

  1. thynoe123 Says:

    well it depends on what kind of sites you’re going to use.. Just like in real dating situations you’ll be dating slobs and gentlemen. Online dating gives you the privilege to know someone without seeing them, and jilting them when you feel like it. Its trial and error basically, there’s no known formula to get that man or woman of your dreams in one try… In my case i tried webdatedotcom, and worked out several times, but it took me several mistakes to finally learn the trick of the trade…So goodluck to everyone who dares dip his/her finger into this new realm..

  2. swingers answers Says:

    like anything new, it can be unnerving to look for dates online, but
    just like in real life, be a bit cautious; dont let the “anonymity” factor
    seduce you into being someone you are not.

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