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December 12, 2005

Niche Dating Site of the Week: DegreeDate.com

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Have you been on one too many dates where all you wanted was some stimulating conversation but all you got was too much awkward silence? Maybe you need a better quality of date. That is what DegreeDate says they can offer. The ability to find that special someone in a group formally educated potential mates.

They say:

Degreedate.com is, first and foremost, a dating and personals site geared towards singles who value education in their prospective dates. What differentiates Degreedate.com from other dating sites is that our service provides not only connections based on physical appearance, location, shared interests, and the relationships you are seeking, but we do it in a unique and fun way-by letting our members display their educational background and Alma Mater. Dating is tough, but it is also fun-and, as an added bonus, it can also be educational.

This site is light on information regarding their services. The idea sounds interesting. Finding someone of a similar education background is a way to go. For some people this could be just what they are looking for.

Say you are a lawyer or something and you just can’t find anyone who understands you. Maybe another lawyer could provide that for you. If that is important to you then this could be a place to check out.

Right now it is free to sign up and browse around. If you are looking for a higher degree of date then maybe DegreeDate is the perfect online dating option for you.

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One Response to “Niche Dating Site of the Week: DegreeDate.com”

  1. Corra Says:

    Perhaps the problem of long and awkward silences is attributable to the lost art of conversation more than anything else. In a society where the habit is to speak and think in monosylables, small wonder there are long silences across the table. As a society we fail to study much of interest, and when we do it is too often the lock step jargon of sound bites and that ossified pundits issue while swapping cash for integrity on bad news shows. Perish the idea of original thought, a rare phenomenon facing extinction like the Dodo Bird or our communal sense of irony.

    I was watching a Speed Dating Session on TV the other night and every single person began the intro with “What do you do?” And then they stumbled and staggered and although the speed in speed dating makes for scant questions and answers, nobody dared probe into someone’s sensibility. All the questions were little more than a crude checklist, followed by awkard answers and then silence.

    It would be a blessing to have a site where people can actually enjoy shared interests. As far as matching degrees, it is questionable whether this is any different from any other site where people size each other up according to their mutual educations. On any site, it is rare at best when a plumber hooks up with the Child Psychologist, unless their needs extend far beyond the intellectual.

    Perhaps I’m wrong but a side with people brandishing their degrees and pedigree backgrounds my compel me to start looking for the plumber.

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