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October 28, 2005

Dating Chemistry and Harmony Online

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Last week after signing up to try out Chemistry.com during the public testing phase I had a thought. It was an idea for an article. Something to post here that I thought was interesting and would make a good story. Yet I couldn’t come up with a good way to execute it. What is it that I am talking about?

Well I thought that it would be fascinating to be matched with someone at one personality matching dating site and then each sign up at others. Allowing you to see if multiple matchmaking sites would find you compatible. I thought this would be a great idea. If you were matched at PerfectMatch then would Chemistry.com match you, for example?

There is no good way to do this though that I could think of. You can’t just have you and someone you know sign up because you don’t know if you match. Once you have been matched with someone on one site it is kind of weird to ask them to sign up for another dating site to see if you would get matched up there as well. You can’t go back to past matches as once you stop communicating it is understood that you will not contact them anymore. Any idea I did have, to try and do this, well they all seemed too creepy. My first purpose is to meet someone not to test out dating sites after all. So I put it on the old back burner. Sometimes when you stop thinking about something you come up with a new idea out of the blue.

In this case I didn’t have to wait that long. Yet I never came up with an idea. I just logged in to Chemistry.com last night and saw that I had five new matches. One of the names stood out, as it was not a Jessica, a Jennifer, a Michelle or a Sarah. I clicked on it to read the profile. When the page loaded there it was, a picture that I recognized. From where, you ask? From eHarmony, this was a person I had previously been matched up with there.

These two sites have different matching criteria but yet have both matched me with the same person. I went back and checked the closed matches at eHarmony to make sure. It is the same person. I find this intriguing and will keep an eye out for more of these double matches should they occur. Maybe your ultimate match is one that multiple matching sites find you compatible with. What do you think about that? Maybe one day you could sign up at PerfectChemistryTrueHarmony.com to find that really special someone.

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