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November 1, 2005

A Couple Things I Don’t Like About Chemistry.com

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I have been on this online matching site for a couple of weeks now. After this short time here are a couple of things I don’t like. Tomorrow will about a couple of things I do like about Chemistry.com. These things are in comparison to my experience using eHarmony.

  1. At first look the communication process being shorter seems like a good idea until you have gone through it and reach the email stage. When you get to this stage at Chemistry.com, I feel like I don’t really know much about the other person. At eHarmony you have a larger amount of info on the initial profile page and more intermediate questions to answer before entering open email communication. This leaves you with less stuff to talk about when starting an email conversation at Chemistry.com than at eHarmony.
  2. On the subject of email, that is my second dislike. The email system at Chemistry.com is like an internal Hotmail type system but without the ability to create folders and such. This leaves all you potential partner emails in one big inbox for you to wade through and keep up with. I like the eHarmony system that has an individual inbox for each match making it easy to keep up with who you are conversing with at the moment. It is hard enough to keep up two or more email conversations as it is. This in my opinion only makes it more difficult.

Have you been trying out, Chemisty.com, the new personality matching service from the creators of Match.com? What are the areas that you think need improving? Leave your thoughts in comments below.

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2 Responses to “A Couple Things I Don’t Like About Chemistry.com”

  1. Berenice Says:

    I have been on Match, Chemistry, and eharmony. I have to say eharmony is the best so far. Match is a meat market to me. No one is serious about anything I have never met anyone valuable on that site. Chemistry is almost eh same, except you have to answer a few more questions. When I was with Chemistry, one person I met said they did not want to answer all of those questions that eharmony asked. Well no wonder why I did not see him after the first date, when all he talked about was would I wear a short skirt for him on our next date, I said what next date? I think you just get a better selection and have a better chance on eharmony, even though you are still taking a chance, that person at least had to go through all the steps, when they don’t with the other dating sites.

  2. Jason Griffin Says:

    I have been thinking a similar thing lately about Chemistry, given their recent “Rejected” ad campaign. When going through a matching service, do you want one that lets everybody in, or one that may filter out those that might be less desirable? Sort of a quantity vs. quality argument.

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