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September 4, 2005

Jason Griffin Googles Himself

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Have you ever Googled a potential date? Yourself? Anyone? You might be amazed at what you find. I was reading this article: Pre-date ritual: Googling potential mate. According to this article a lot of people are doing this before they meet someone for a date.

About 43 percent of people who answered a dating-service survey said they type their date’s name into the Google search engine before they go out. And 88 percent of those people said they wouldn’t be bothered if their dates did the same thing.

I mentioned the idea of doing a Google search in a post, More Truth in Online Dating, a couple of days ago, but didn’t try it out. Today I did. Just to see what I would find as the articles author suggested her readers should. So I went to Google and I typed jason griffin into the search box and clicked the search button.

There were about 959,000 results for jason griffin. So I went through the first few pages of results. They were quite fascinating. So if you have met a Jason Griffin, that lives in the Seattle area, online or elsewhere and has Googled me, I hope you find this page. Because this is what I found:

At least something of mine actually showed up on the first couple pages of results. Not that you would know that I wrote that. Unless you went from Google to the article posted at SearchWarp. Then clicked on the link there to my golf site, Guide to Golf Equipment. Then found the about me page on that site and clicked the link to this site. And then went to the About Jason page here and saw my picture and went: Yah, that’s the Jason Griffin I met. I doubt that would actually happen.

So, should a potential date in the Seattle area in the future Google jason griffin to find out about me, hopefully they will find this page amongst the results and actually find something by me and not all the other Jason Griffin’s out there.

Also, you might note, there is more than one Jason Griffin in the Seattle area. There are at least three others in the vicinity. With that in mind check the About Jason page on this site and view the photo. Is that the Jason Griffin that you met? If so, you have come to the right place. After reading around here, hope you still want to go out.

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7 Responses to “Jason Griffin Googles Himself”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I am looking for a jason who used to be a DJ at club empire at antonio’s in ontario LA. I was looking to see hoe he is doin.So if you are him hit me up!!

  2. Jason Griffin Says:

    And if someone is looking for a Jason Griffin in macon, Ga then they would come up with those results….. but none about me…Jason Griffin.

  3. jason griffin Says:

    Im a boat builder in New zealand Yay For this griff miester

  4. Jason Griffin Says:

    An example of three more Jason Griffin’s which I am not. As I am not a DJ now nor have I ever been one and am not from Macon, GA or New Zealand.

  5. Jason Griffin in Texas Says:

    None of those are me, either.

  6. Jason Griffin ReGoogles Himself » eWooing.com Says:

    […] But, now my previous post, Jason Griffin Googles Himself, is the second result of about 8,340,000 possible. That is more what I was looking for as I wanted to crack the top ten with something that would provide a potential date some info about me. […]

  7. Jason Griffin Says:

    I’m am not the Jason Griffin your looking for unless it is to collect my GRAND PRIZE WINNINGS.

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